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Ad pioneered some of the first successful artist and brand associations at EMI for two years, then BMG for almost a decade across NIKE, KELLOGG'S, SIEMENS, PEPSI, COCA COLA, TIA MARIA, TOP SHOP, GUINNESS, STELLA ARTOIS, CADBURY, CONDE NAST, NEWS INTERNATIONAL, PANASONIC, TECHNICS and AIWA.
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Highlights have been producing the music for NIKE's '02 Football World Cup campaign, reported to be Nike's most successful ad campaign to date measured by sales and P.R. value over the period WW, generating a reported £100 million for BMG, through the placement, negotiation and a&r 'ing of the 1st ever Elvis remix - 'A Little Less Conversation' which went on to chart No.1 across 20 countries WW, promoting the album, ELVIS No.1s which was No.1 WW subsequently and introducing ELVIS to a whole new generation of music fans. The campaign received multiple awards and nominations; UK National TV Awards, MPA and UK Record of the Year finalists. This success was followed up a year later with Ad commissioning Paul Oakenfold to remix Elvis, 'Rubberneckin'', charting top 5 WW and was the soundtrack to an award winning U.S.Toyota campaign.

Since opening ABM, music supervisor for COCA COLA's new WW COKE side of Life campaign researching, negotiations for placement of many emerging acts of the time like THE SUBWAYS, BLACK DANIEL, KING CREOSOTE on COKE's online and mobile viral animated spots distributed WW. Bringing FAITHLESS to COCA COLA for a collaboration with a team of directors, animators to create a music video distributed via I TUNES WW.

Nike, producing TEENAGER's 'Bound'n'Gagged' soundtrack to NIKE RUSSIA's epic ad. Audio Bullys in NOKIA, Etta James on Pantene. BEN SHERMAN, taking a collection of classic SKA records and commissioning the DUB PISTOLS to select and remix an album given to customers as a reward for purchase - the creative inline with BEN SHERMAN's SKA roots with DUB PISTOLS delivering a contemporary flavour.

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Ad Bradley himself specialises in entertainment strategy for major brands (currently/recently RAY-BAN, Coca Cola, Nike, Nokia, P&G/Pantene, Ben Sherman, Volvo) and ad agencies WW (Wieden & Kennedy, Grey, Nitro Soul), from music supervision (research, creative, intellectual property rights negotiation - making the deal work) for an ad campaign to more involved strategic planning/thinking across all media.

Currently music supervising for Publicis London across Renault, Nescafe, Garnier and Tourism Ireland. Keep an eye on latest news or like us on Facebook for most recent work.